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I was born in North Dakota and I have always had a passion for Archeology and Wildlife. In 1969 while attending college I began exploring the use of antlers to flake stone tools and arrowheads and then turned to carving belt buckles as a hobby. Somewhere along the way with the help and encourangement from friends, relatives and acquaintances High Country Arts evolved and has developed into an ever-expanding enterprise.

Over the past 30 years other artists and crafts people have contributed to the growth of our line of products. The work of these uniquely skilled craftspeople reflects a total dedication to quality and a passion for detail.

Antlers are a truly renewable resource as all antlered animals (deer, caribou, elk, reindeer, etc) shed their antlers every spring and grow another set by late summer. Antler gathering has been a tradition among many families for generations. Antlers however are now a premium item. With the growing market for products made from antler pricing has continued to increase. We have now introduced our "Hickory Line of Products" which are somewhat lower in cost but will also add to the enhancement of the dÈcor in your home or cabin. Consider the Lodge Look as your new decorating style!

I'd like to thank all of you who have purchased our products in the past and to those who are considering buying from us in the future. We promise you the same quality of work that we have built our reputation on and hope to continue to provide you with new product items on a continue ing basis.

Visit our News section of the website each month to see our featured item and for the introduction of new products. Take a tour now of our website and see the beauty, quality and exquisite craftsmanshipof our products for yourself!

Don R. Burda
Sole Proprietor

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