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Antler Chandeliers

Light cast through spires or antler. More drama than this is rare indeed. The value is more than just finding the perfect antler for the quintessential chandelier. Most all of our light fixtures are wired internally. We thing them to be stunning in any decor. You'll think the antler chandelier a crowning glory to any room.

Product Name
"Moonlight" 3-Blacktail Deer Antlers w/2 Lights
"Mount Ashland" - Elk Antler - 8 Lights/8 Antlers
"Mount Bailey" - Elk Antler - 8 Lights/12 Antlers
''Mount Thompson''- Elk Antler - 9 Lights/9 Antlers
1616WPS Whitetail antler chandelier with 5 lights and painted shades
Divide - Mule Deer Antlers
Mt. Mazama - Moose Antler
Mt. Pitt - Mule/Blacktail Deer Antlers
Pioneer - Mule Deer Antlers

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